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Singapore Through The Ages

Welcome to Singapore Through The Ages. This web site will show how various locations in Singapore have evolved over the years, using historic photographs to illustrate gradual (or sometimes dramatic) changes.

Most of the material on this site has been scavenged from a variety of internet resources. In many cases these are well-known postcard views, and I doubt if the publishers are still around to worry about copyright. However, if you see any images that you own, let me know and I'll remove them.

The site will evolve over time. I have a lot of material, and I will begin with well-known locations like Raffles Place, but more locations will be added as time permits. Click on one of the links below to select a location.

Raffles Place

Collyer Quay and the Waterfront

The Padang

Empress Place

The River

The Causeway

Orchard Road

The Railway

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